Health Reports for Current Health Concerns

Health Reports for Current Health Concerns

At Newport Health, we are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to make intelligent decisions about your health and wellness. Our health reports and articles constantly updated to bring you the latest research and information about modern health concerns.


Rest, Recharge, Revitalize: 6 Secrets to a Perfect Night’s Sleep

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy’s 6 Secrets to a Great Night’s Sleep Inside you’ll learn:   Bedtime habits sabotaging your sleep cycle. Hint: snacking & digital screens are a no-no!  How to get the same effects of a sleeping pill without the addictive factor or nasty side-effects  3 soothing sleep-promoting herbs…and more secrets revealed inside Download Now […]

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Blood Sugar

Link Between Antibiotics And Diabetes

Problem: Antibiotics can be hazardous to your health. Researchers in Denmark have discovered a link between antibiotics and developing Type 2 diabetes. Solution: There are better, safer, more natural alternative to antibiotics that should be prioritized. Antibiotics kill many kinds of bacteria. Sounds like a good thing, right? The problem is that they do away […]

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Stress & Mood

Driving Can Become Stressful for Seniors

Problem: Senior family members and friends who have reached a point where they are no longer able to drive safely, but are struggling to let go because it feels like losing their independence. Solution: Help them see the positive parts of giving up their keys. There are often difficulties that come with age. If a […]

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Heart Health

7 Cholesterol-Busting Natural Solutions Without Negative Side Effects

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy’s FREE Report: 7 Cholesterol-Busting Natural Solutions Without Side Effects Inside you’ll learn:    Are cholesterol-lowering drugs actually safe? Hint: It’s not everything you’re being told by your doctor!  Cholesterol myths and how routine tests lie  3 special remedies…and more secrets revealed inside Download Now — It’s FREE! […]

For A Healthy Heart, Avoid Added Sugar

Problem: Too much sugar leads to potential poor health, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay. Solution: Avoid added sugar. Don’t worry, you don’t have to avoid all sugar. There is naturally occurring sugar in fruit, milk, yogurt, and vegetables, and it would not be a good idea to cut those foods out of your […]

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The Simple Solution to Stress

Problem: Stress is unhealthy. Don’t let it stick around. Solution: Getting rid of stress is easier than you think. With minimal, relaxing exercise, you can cure stress. Think of stress as termites. Termites are unwelcome, infectious guests. They crawl underfoot and disturb the comfortable feel of a space. Left unattended, termites can consume an entire […]

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Food and Nutrition

What’s the Deal with Gluten Free?

Problem: Wheat belly. Grain brain. Celiac disease. Gluten intolerance. A lot of people are reporting problems eating bread and other sources of gluten. Where did this come from, are you one of them, and what should you do about it? Solution: It’s not random that people have started having problems with gluten. The way gluten […]

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Curcumin Cancer Benefits

Problem: There are 100 types of cancer. In 2014, 20 million Americans had been diagnosed with it. It falls right behind heart disease in the list of leading causes of death. Solution: Research has shown that curcumin may be able to help with both cancer prevention and healing. Curcumin comes from from the ground root […]

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Diet & Fitness

Clutter Can Be Unhealthy

Problem: Cluttered kitchens encourage overeating. Solution: Create an atmosphere that is conducive to eating well. Keeping your kitchen clean is the brand new, painless weight loss tip that you’ve probably never heard before! Yes, that’s right, it doesn’t require counting calories or carbs! On its own, it won’t cause you to lose 10 pounds, but […]

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Men's Health

5 Tips for Better Prostate Health

Problem: When a man turns 50, he may experience problems with his prostate, including painful urination, sexual difficulties, and the growth of cancer cells. Solution: Poor prostate performance is not unbeatable. If you eat right, exercise, and take specific supplements, you can solve this problem. You may have heard before, that when a man hits […]

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